Irish Ferries

Irish Ferries is a leading ferry operator connecting The UK and France with the Republic of Ireland.

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Irish Ferries sails between Ireland and the UK: between Dublin and Holyhead and between Pembroke and Rosslare. Irish Ferries also provide a ferry service to France between Rosslare and Cherbourg, Rosslare and Roscoff and Dublin and Cherbourg.

Irish Ferries boasts two ferries on the Holyhead to Dublin route. The fast ferry, Jonathan Swift, will cross the Irish Sea in less than 2 hours. The more conventional ferry, Ulysses, is the largest car ferry operating on the Irish Sea and offers a very comfortable crossing.

The Oscar Wilde ferry is a luxurious ship operating between Cherbourg and Rosslare. The ferry features modern and airy onboard accommodation and boasts bars, three restaurants, a café and a shop. The crossing is approximately 18 hours.

Between Pembroke and Rosslare, the Isle of Inishmore ferry connects the UK and Ireland 4 times a week and takes only 4 hours to cross the Irish Sea. The Isle of Inishmore features comfortable seatings, relaxing cabins, a shop, a play area, a café and a restaurant.

Irish Ferries - Routes

Timetables Number of Crossings Duration
Holyhead - Dublin up to 6 per Day approx. 1 hr 49 mins
Cherbourg - Rosslare up to 4 per Week approx. 18 hrs
Pembroke - Rosslare up to 2 per Day aprrox. 4 hrs
Dublin - Holyhead up to 6 per Day approx. 2 hrs
Rosslare - Cherbourg up to 3 per Week approx. 19 hrs
Timetables Number of Crossings Duration
Rosslare - Pembroke up to 2 per Day approx. 4 hrs
Roscoff - Rosslare up to 3 per Week approx. 17 hrs 30 mins
Rosslare - Roscoff up to 2 per Week approx. 16 hrs 30 mins

Irish Ferries - Find out more

What does my Irish Ferries crossing price include?
The price you are quoted is for all passengers in your vehicle including the driver. If you have added a pet, this will also be included in the price.
Is a cabin included?
On overnight crossings, your quote includes (compulsory) accommodation. You can change/upgrade the accommodation type if required.
Are meals included?
No. Meals, drinks and snacks can be purchased from the on-board cafés and restaurants. Services may vary according to the crossing booked.
Can my pet travel with Irish Ferries?
You can take your cat or dog on your Irish Ferries sailing. When you select your preferred route, simply select the number of dogs or cats that you are travelling with. See our pet booking page for more information.
What's available for the Kids?
All Irish Ferries ships have play areas specially designed for young children. You'll also find games rooms and live entertainment. On busier crossings in the summer holidays you'll often find children's entertainers.

Irish Ferries - Pet Booking Information

To travel abroad with your pet, you will require a Pet Passport.

You can take your cat or dog on your Irish Ferries sailing. When you select your preferred route, simply select the number of dogs or cats that you are travelling with. If the option is not available, please contact us.

Irish Ferries have kennels on some of their routes. On ships where there are no kennels your pet will remain in your vehicle

More About Irish Ferries

In recent years, Irish Ferries has invested over €450 million in new fleet and port facilities. Irish Ferries prides itself on having one of the most modern fleets on the Irish Sea including Ulysses, the World's Largest Car Ferry launched in 2001 serving Holyhead to Dublin ferry crossing four times a day. Irish Ferries other Cruise Ferries include the Isle of Inishmore, the Normandy as well as the high-speed ferry the Jonathan Swift, or Dublin Swift fast ferry.

In 2003, Irish Ferries carried over 1.8 million passengers on their four routes between Ireland and England and France. On the 22 January 2004, at the "Irish Travel Trade News Awards" the Irish Travel Trade voted Irish Ferries "Best Ferry Company" for a record seventh year in a row.

Irish Ferries on board facilities vary on each ship, however, food lovers will not be disappointed whichever ferry they take since all have an extremely good selection of restaurants offering a choice from Irish to continental and international cuisine, from fine dining to fast food outlets. Each ship also has a good choice of lounges and bars for those who wish to start their relaxing holiday from the moment they step on board their Irish Ferries vessel. On-board shopping provides a perfect place to choose gifts and souvenirs for family and friends and there are great deals in fragrances, fashion and electrical goods. Prices are displayed in Sterling but both Euro and Sterling are welcome throughout the ship. Dependant on ship, on-board entertainment on Irish Ferries vessels ranges from live entertainment, casino, video room, TV rooms, to children's play areas etc.

For UK and Irish residents travelling between those two countries, Irish Ferries recommend that you bring your passport. Irish and British citizens do not strictly require a passport to travel between the two countries - some form of identification is however required - Photo ID, Bank Cards or bills for house utilities addressed to you are all acceptable and useful means of identification. For other EU nationals and routes, a valid Passport or national Identity card will be required. Non-EU nationals may also need a visa.