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Norfolk Line

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Norfolk Line
Norfolk Line
Norfolk Line
Information about Norfolk Line

Norfolk Line operates routes from Dover to Dunkerque, Scheveningen to Felixstowe, Rotterdam to Drogheda and Rotterdam to Waterford. Norfolk Line?s Dover to Dunkerque route was opened in March 2000. Two brand new chartered vessels were commissioned for this route, the Northern Merchant and Midnight Merchant. The new vessels have both stern and bow door access (drive through) for faster turnaround times.

What makes Norfolk Line quite different to other operators is their focus on the needs of motorists and their passengers. Norfolk Line has made a decision not to carry foot passengers or coach groups on their ships. Norfolk Line ferries only accommodate cars, motor homes, caravans, trailers and motorbikes meaning fewer queues at the bars and restaurants and no crowded gangways.

When Norfolk Line was first established, it offered up to six sailings a day, with two vessels serving the route. Increased popularity of the route has let to introduction of another vessel. In 2002, the Dawn Merchant was introduced to the fleet. That ship was built in 1998 and increased the number of crossings from six to ten a day. The Midnight, Northern and Dawn Merchants are all 22000 tonnes and are identical sister ships. They make the Norfolk line fleet the most modern on the entire channel crossing routes. The fleet currently consists of these three vessels and each offer one of the most modern services across the channel. During the 120-minute crossing, you can take advantage of the Norfolk Line vessels' modern features including a spacious lounge, restaurant, very comfortable sleeper seats, bar, bureau de change, satellite television, video lounge and a shop.

One of the reasons that Dunkerque is such a popular gateway into France is that it is not nearly as congested as Calais, yet offers rapid access into Belgium and Holland as well as shorter journey towards Germany, Switzerland and the mainland of Europe.

Norfolk Line Routes
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Dover, United Kingdom
Calais, France
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Dover, United Kingdom
Dunkirk, France
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