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Portsmouth to Cherbourg Ferry

Portsmouth, United Kingdom to Cherbourg, France
Portsmouth to Cherbourg
Portsmouth to Cherbourg
Portsmouth to Cherbourg

Portsmouth Harbour is a world-class visitor destination offering a seaside resort and maritime heritage dating back hundreds of years. Portsmouth is also a highly successful car ferry port offering luxury cruise ferries, fast craft and car ferries to a choice of five continental destinations and two in the Channel Islands. Around 3.4 million people travel through Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port each year, attracted by its central South Coast location, excellent UK motorway links and choice of ferry routes ....more about Portsmouth

About Portsmouth to Cherbourg
Portsmouth to Cherbourg route has the shortest distance of all western channel routes. P&O Ferries operates up to 3 crossings daily. The crossing time during the day is 2¾ hours by Portsmouth Express fast craft and 4¾ hours on Pride of Cherbourg or Pride of Hampshire. Brittany Ferries operates one sailing per day (seasonal) from Mon to Thu, using Val de Loire and Bretagne. The journey time is 4 ½ hours & min. check-in time 45 min.
The Port of Cherbourg, on the northern tip of the Cherbourg Peninsula, is an excellent gateway to the north west of France. Ferry operators Brittany Ferries and P&O Ferries offer up to six daily sailings to and from Cherbourg to Portsmouth and Cherbourg to Poole. Originally a Roman camp, Cherbourg developed significantly following William the Conqueror s victory at Hastings in 1066. Nowadays Cherbourg offers a maze of narrow cobbled streets ....more about Cherbourg
Travel Portsmouth to Cherbourg with Brittany Ferries
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