Stena Line

Stena Line is one of the world's leading ferry companies and offers the highest levels of comfort and service on board its ferries.

Book Stena Line today with – All Stena Line routes available to book including Harwich, Hook of Holland, Belfast, Cairnryan, Cherbourg, Rosslare, Dublin, Holyhead and Fishguard.

Stena Line offers you a range of fast, frequent and conventional ferry services to Ireland and Holland from the UK as well ferry services within Scandinavia. Stena Line's modern fleet includes the Stena HSS (High-Speed Sea Service), the world's largest fast ferry. Stena Line continue to be the number one choice for ferries to Holland and Ireland. Harwich - Hook of Holland can be completed in 3hr 40mins. Stena Line is great way to ferry to Holland, or to ferry to Ireland.

Stena Line - Routes

Timetables Number of Crossings Duration
Fishguard - Rosslare up to 2 per Day approx. 3 hrs 30 mins
Rosslare - Fishguard up to 2 per Day approx. 3 hrs 15 mins
Holyhead - Dublin up to 4 per Day aprrox. 3 hrs 15 mins
Dublin - Holyhead up to 4 per Day approx. 3 hrs 21 mins
Cairnryan - Belfast up to 6 per Day approx. 2 hrs 15 mins
Timetables Number of Crossings Duration
Belfast - Cairnryan up to 6 per Day approx. 2 hrs 22 mins
Liverpool - Belfast up to 2 per Day approx. 8 hrs
Belfast - Liverpool up to 2 per Day approx. 8 hrs
Cherbourg - Rosslare up to 3 per Week approx. 17 hrs
Rosslare - Cherbourg up to 3 per Week approx. 17 hrs 30 mins

Stena Line - Find out more

What does my Stena Line crossing price include?
The price you are quoted is for all passengers in your vehicle including the driver. If you have added a pet, this will also be included in the price.
Is a cabin included?
On overnight crossings, your quote includes (compulsory) accommodation. You can change/upgrade the accommodation type if required.
Are meals included?
No. Meals, drinks and snacks can be purchased from the on-board cafés and restaurants. Services may vary according to the crossing booked.
Can my pet travel with Stena Line?
You can take your cat or dog on your Stena Line sailing. When you select your preferred route, simply select the number of dogs or cats that you are travelling with. See our pet booking page for more information.
What's available for the Kids?
All Stena Line ships have play areas specially designed for young children. You'll also find games rooms, live entertainment and even a swimming pool. On busier crossings in the summer holidays you'll often find children's entertainers.

Stena Line - Pet Booking Information

To travel abroad with your pet, you will require a Pet Passport.

You can take your cat or dog on your Stena Line sailing. When you select your preferred route, simply select the number of dogs or cats that you are travelling with. If the option is not available, please contact us.

On the Belfast to Liverpool route pets are not permitted in cabins or other passenger areas onboard. You must book a dog kennel which are available on the Promenade Deck and allow access to your pet throughout the crossing. Please do this by calling our customer service department prior to booking. Use the details in the contact us section of the site to do this.

Your pet is not allowed onto the passenger decks onboard the Dublin/Holyhead & Rosslare/Fishguard or the Belfast/Liverpool route and must remain in your vehicle. Small dogs are permitted on board on the Belfast/Cairnryan route if they are secured for the duration of the crossing in a pet traveller case. However, this is at the discretion of Stena Line personnel.

Foot passengers may bring small pets in a pet traveller's case, but they will be placed on the car deck for the duration of the journey in the routes above, as no animals are permitted in the passenger areas on board.

More About Stena Line

Travelling with Stena Line across the sea is a perfect way to travel. Stena Line offers a first class environment from the moment you step on board, a good selection of routes across the Irish Sea, the fastest service between the UK and Holland and has been voted in Britain and Europe as Best Overall Ferry Operator. Stena Line's modern fleet includes the Stena HSS (High-speed Sea Service), the world's largest fast ferry - powered by jet engines - is capable of speeds of up to 46mph, operating from Stranraer, Holyhead & Harwich, Stena Express, a sleek high-speed catamaran and convention ferry /superferry services for a more leisurely cruise, perhaps with an on-board cabin.

Onboard Stena Line ferries you have a selection of choices to make to make your ferry crossing as enjoyable as possible: you can relax and enjoy selection of good food, shop at a fine selection of retailers and enjoy the scenery and lifestyle of an ocean voyage whilst planning what you are going to do when you reach your destination. Stena Line has made an effort to make life a lot easier for those travelling with children. On board Stena Line vessels, there are children's menus in the restaurants, baby changing facilities, etc. Different Stena Line ferry routes have different ships, all offering a selection of different children's facilities and activities. These can include a playroom or crèche or maybe a children's cinema and some have children's entertainers.

Every year, over 17 million people travel to their destination with Stena Line. Stena Line enjoys a leading position on most markets with 39 vessels on 18 strategically located routes in Scandinavia and the UK, calling at ports in eight countries: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland. Stena Line's never ending crusade of expansion of their ferry route network, together with a greater variety of onboard services and the development of package and recreational trips has brought large volumes of customers. Stena Line's central Irish Sea ferry routes have for many years been a favourite option for tourism and trade transport between Ireland and Britain.

With the introduction and ever increasing popularity of fast ferries in 1993, pioneered by Stena Line with the introduction of the Stena "Sealynx" vessel on the Irish sea Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire route, the leisure and short break market achieved an incredible growth. This growth in tourism ultimately lead to the introduction of the first HSS, the Stena Explorer on the Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire ferry crossing in 1996 which could not only carry cars and passengers but would offer a speedy alternative to the already booming freight market. Stena Line also introduced a new freight service to the Holyhead - Dublin ferry route in 1995 to supplement the fast and conventional ferries already sailing the Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire route and this has since grown to a multipurpose service with the introduction of the Stena Challenger in 1996. Major investment in infrastructure of the ports and improved road links particularly with the new A55 dual carriageway, now offers the quickest and best alternative to tourism and trade movement between the two countries. As confidence in the Northern Ireland peace process grew, so did tourism and, in the meantime, the Irish continue to enjoy the versatility - to flock to Scotland, Wales and on to England for shopping, visiting relations for holidays or to simply enjoy a short break by the coast.